Our Staff

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サム・セイン(Sam Sain)

アメリカで生まれ、常に異文化に興味を抱き、言語に対しても同じように興味を持ち続け、幼少時代を過ごしました。 2013年より日本で働き始め、主に翻訳、英語教育に重点を置き、専念して参りました。そこでの様々な発見は常に深化し続けております。その言語全体を感じ取ることにより、正確かつ、ニーズにあったスタイル、それらを皆さまへご提供致します。

Born in Texas, USA, I grew up with a love for unfamiliar cultures and an itch for writing.
I have been living and working in Japan since 2013, with a primary focus in translation and English education.
There is always a deeper level to any language, and in my translation work I strive to absorb the text in its original context to deliver an accurate yet stylistic product.

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野村祐香K.J. (Nomura Yuka K.J.)


Having an American mother and Japanese father, born and raised in Tokyo, I grew up using English in the house and Japanese outside.
Nevertheless, that does not mean I am interested in translation and interpreting because it is easy by any means.
I consider myself to be blessed for having both English and Japanese as my first language and fully utilize this gift to deliver the ‘true voice’ of the original text into the target language.